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The jungle was quiet. Smaller creatures roamed free. Branches gently moved in sync to the warm jungle breeze. But one hot, humid day--without warning and seemingly out of nowhere--the Primates arrived. Swinging wildly from the branches, dancing to loud music, guzzling, smoking, shooting, playing and generally engaging in all sorts of degenerate primate debauchery. Before long, tribes emerged as they subconsciouly divided themselves into cliques based on personality traits, fashion and hobbies. Today the jungle has become a warzone. Tribes are happy to trick, troll or even fud each other in order to claim the top spot in the JNGL hierarchy...

Primates is a project built for the community; by the community. The goal of Primates is to create a brand that facilitates a seamless adoption of the WEB3 space through our community fueled ventures and collaborations. The DAOs below have been created by--and are run by--individual holders within the Primates community. If you envision yourself as a great leader then we invite you to create a DAO for your own favorite trait.

PrimatesDAOS v1.0 Release Notes

Greetings everybody, your favourite WEB3 dev VLRevolution signing on from Estonia! Today marks a huge milestone for us all. Together with SenseiNFT527 (Project Manager), we personally invite you to enjoy the PrimatesDAOs full V1.0 web release. I humbly ask your help in growing Primates into the #1 WEB3 product! Help out by producing creative videos, images, screenshots, testimonials, articles and stories about this boundless universe and post them to Twitter and other channels!

V1.0 Features

  • Animated intro sequence which features the first of many story-driven video animations about the life in the JNGL. We wish to create a strong, lively and at times a hilarious visual experience around the PrimatesDAOs collectives, their still mostly undiscovered universe and personal affairs. Option to choose and remember a sound setting which will also determine if music will be autoplayed after the intro ends.
  • Preference toggles to disable playing the intro, autoplaying music and sound effects. Can be found in the bottom left corner of the screen just above the music player. Button to hide it off-screen. Choices are remembered between sessions.
  • A fully featured music player with an initial set of tracks to spice up your stay on the Music player's volume control also modifies the volume of the sounds (notifications & intro) and is remembered between sessions. Are you ready to taste the bright lights? ;)
  • Back to top button can be found in the bottom right corner of the screen. Clicking it will comfortably take you back to the header of the site.
  • Primates Live Stats ticker at the top of the header which displays real-time data about the collection: total listed primates, floor price, avg. sale (24h), volume (24h), total volume, SOL/USD. All SOL prices are also converted to USD. All stats features a display of the % change in the past 24 hours. Ticker scroll pauses on mouse hover. Copy button that copies the live stats into clipboard, formatted for pasting into Discord.
  • Real-time display of the number of Primates currently active in the JNGL ('clients' who have the site open) can be found in the header.
  • Real-Time Connection Status display can be found in the header.
  • Primates Official Twitter, Discord & Magic Eden links can be found in the header.
  • Latest News section is found just below the header (you are reading it right now). As we envision the PrimatesDAOs to become the driving force of the storyline of the Primates Universe you can expect regular story developments posted here which will be accompanied with animated visuals! For more information about our plans on this front please refer to the info about V2.0 (link at the end of these release notes). All major updates will be documented to the best of our ability. News section can be minimized by clicking the button at the top right corner of the news section and the choice is remembered between sessions.
  • We have indexed the entire Primates collection so that we can display all required data about the existing DAOs and downloaded and self-hosted all the images of the Primates belonging to each DAO for a super fast viewing experience in beautiful dynamic & responsive galleries (site is currently hosted in Dallas, US). In addition to this we continuously update the floor prices, floor price changes over the last 24h and the number of listings data as well as the latest two sales data for each DAO in real-time. All data on this page is real-time. You will never have to manually refresh it except for the occasional news & site updates.
  • Each DAO and its data is displayed down below and DAOs are currently ranked by their latest floor prices. Each DAO includes all social links they have provided us and also a link to Magic Eden's listings page. Each main DAO box features a rotating gallery of the Primates belonging to that DAO which will pause the rotation on mouse hover - enabling you to not miss clicking on that one Primate you really wanted to see. Each Primate image displayed on the site can be clicked to open it up in a gallery view. Gallery view will display all the traits as well as the MoonRank with accompanying links for easy access.
  • New DAOs that will inevitably form can be added to the site in minutes and will not require the users to refresh the page. Our back-end is built to automatically index all the required info and send it to all the users in real-time. A notification box and a sound will be played when a new DAO is added.
  • A notification and a sound will play when a new Primate sale occurs (that is, only if they belong in one of the DAOs listed below). The notification shows the sale price and time and clicking on it will scroll to the DAO that the Primate belongs to.
  • The amount of relational data required to be pulled from the database is very large and even with optimizations takes 30+ seconds to complete. This time gets linearly longer and longer as more and more DAOs are added. This was one of the hardest back-end engineering challenges to overcome. A clever caching mechanism has been implemented which in theory should enable the site to be used by thousands if not by hundreds of thousands of users ever day. A 10K NFT collection consists of a lot of data units and relations between those data units (traits, sales and also the TraitDAOs). Fingers crossed that everybody will be able to enjoy the PrimatesDAOs without facing any major issues.
  • Site is mostly mobile optimized and responsive. If you notice any issues (especially with the Safari browser on Apple devices) please do let us know (contacts are in the feedback section down below). We will try to get it fixed ASAP.

TLDR (V1.0 Features)

  • We wish to create a strong, lively and at times a hilarious visual experience around the PrimatesDAOs collectives, their still mostly undiscovered universe and personal affairs.
  • All data on this page is real-time. You will never have to manually refresh it except for the occasional news & site updates.
  • Site is mostly mobile optimized and responsive.
  • No compromises have been made.

VLRevolution now signing off:

It has been a pleasure to work on this project and I foresee a very bright future for all of us as we ramp up our efforts and build on the strong foundation to deliver unparalleled utility in the NFT space. Our Dream is to achieve levels of community engagement & support that have never been seen before.


Primates Together Strong

A story is unfolding right before our eyes.. It will be written collectively by all of us as we prepare to take a huge leap into the Primates' virtual universe where anything is possible.

~ A world ruled by only the imagination and creativity of its habitants..


Submit your suggestions for improvements to or in our Discord as we value your feedback, abiding by the laws of the DAOs.


Our Roadmap
(post V1.0)

The build & release of V2.0

  • Primates Browser - browse the entire Primates collection at lightning speeds. ⚡
  • Wallet Connect: automatically see which DAOs you belong to!
  • Implementation of FloorDAO - a special system will watch the three cheapest Primates on the floor. If a PrimatesDAOs user buys one of them, they will gain entry into the FloorDAO. 📈
  • Quality of life improvements: search, filter, sort & hide DAOs. A normalized ranking system based on percentage delisted, social followers, FP and other factors.
  • Ability to favorite DAOs and show those above others.
  • Real-time display of number of favorites, count of members & Twitter Followers of each DAO.
  • Authenticated leaders/managers of each DAO will be able to modify their social links on the fly.
  • More music tracks in the music player. People who have donated can submit their favorites (but must be fitting to the Primates universe).
  • Pro-grade animations to illustrate the life in the JNGL and develop the PrimatesDAOs universe's storyline.
FloorDAO Teaser

The build & release of V3.0

  • Each DAO will unlock a dedicated profile webpage - their own permalink to share and onboard new members.
  • Each DAO will be asked to setup a story writing competition to create their 'genesis' storyline. We will hire the best animators to bring each DAO's 'intro' to life. Will be incorporated into each DAOs listings & dedicated pages.
  • A cutting edge utility suite available to DAO leaders/managers to manage & expand their DAOs. Access to statistics.
  • A 'schedule manager'/calendar that will enable each DAO to organize fun events. Notifications & reminders system to DAOs' members.
  • Raffle/rewards system based off of social media engagement (similar to Moonwalk but better).
  • Generate beautiful & unique social share images that feature a randomized selection of Primates from your DAO, real-time data + any text you like..
  • Many other community requested features! We will ask for your input 😍 You can make your Dreams come true! People who donate & support the process will get a direct line to us.
    After all we are the DAO of DAOs..

Funding Strategy

As you might suspect, developing WEB3 with extreme attention to detail is a rather time consuming venture. As it stands today, we are in desperate need of further funding to be able to continue working full time towards the V2.0 and V3.0 releases. We decided to fund the build of the V1.0 release out of our own pocket to show a working concept and prove our goodwill to the entire community. We sincerely hope that we have succeeded and going forward we will place full faith in the power of our amazing community. The timeline of the completion of the roadmap is just as much in your hands as it is in ours. LFG!

We humbly ask you to consider supporting the development of PrimatesDAOs (only if you can afford it).

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